Thursday, September 11, 2008

Reception Events

Gone are the days where guests were just expected to watch the reception musicians and passively sway to the music. Today’s brides and grooms are intent on making their event more interactive, ensuring that the guests walk away having experienced something different.

There are so many opportunities these days to make your wedding something unique and exciting for your guests. Activities and events within the reception accomplish this goal.

Although a classic, cigars made a resurgence a few years ago. Like selecting a fine wine, the search for good cigars has become a favorite activity for many. There are a few options for incorporating this renewed classic in to your wedding.

(image courtesy of The Wedding Chicks)

Seen in magazines such as Inside Weddings and Modern Bride, CF Dominicana maintains a listing of local cigar rollers who can provide their rolling services to your event. Guests will love watching as their cigar is created.

Another option is to provide a cigar bar to your guests. I incorporated this into my own wedding, as my husband is a big cigar fan. Select your favorite brands and types of cigars and arrange them in a humidor. Personalize it even further by including cigars with a monogrammed band (see Thomson Cigar’s website for options. Add another special touch by providing personalized matchboxes that your guests can take home as a favor (check out Make cigar cutters, scotch and cognac available near the humidor, and this will make for a great event cigar lovers will truly appreciate.

These photos are from my own wedding (October 1, 2005).

(images courtesy of Reina McCuskey of MereMatt Studios)

You see people line up on the boardwalk or at the fair to be sketched in whimsical and colorful imagery. It’s always fun to see as someone’s features are exaggerated for humorous effect. Something about seeing a caricature brings people back to their childhood. Why not incorporate this fun activity into your wedding reception? Guests will truly love having their image in cartoon form as a way to always remember the fun they had at your wedding. Take a look at Quick Sketch’s website for more information about hiring a caricaturist for your event!

(image courtesy of Quick Sketch)

Dance Lessons
If you already have your guests on the dance floor, why not teach them a few moves? Hire someone to teach your guests various forms of dance. Salsa, ballroom and belly dancing are current popular favorites. Contact your local dance studio to locate an instructor who would love to teach your guests some new dance techniques!

(image courtesy of KC Dance)

Photo Booth
This is something most of us used to enjoy during a visit to the arcade. Put a few cents in and you would be rewarded with quirky photos of you and your friends. Brides and grooms are now bringing this activity into the reception venue. The photos that are produced will act as a great favor for your guests and they will always remember the fun they had at your event. Visit Classic Photo Booth’s website to review their services.

Silhouette Cutting
Silhouette cutting is the classic art of creating a portrait using black paper. The resulting image is not only beautiful but provides a sense of classic nostalgia. Guests will love to watch as their image is expertly carved into paper. The silhouette they receive can be used mounted on cards or framed to display in their home. Master silhouette artist Karl Johnson has been featured in publications such as Martha Stewart Weddings and Elegant Bride. Take a moment to browse his site and view his beautiful artwork.

(image courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings)

Guests enjoy receptions where they are encouraged to participate. You have so many options to ensure that your wedding is unique and memorable.


Liz@The Wedding Bistro said...

I think the cigar rolling idea is great! These activities will certainly keep guests entertained plus, it is a fun way to celebrate the occasion.

Jessica said...

Thanks for stopping by, Liz!