Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dress up your dessert!

Cupcakes have been a cute alternative to traditional tiered wedding cakes for some time now. Individual cakes frosted high with decadent icing truly transport any adult guest back to their childhood.

And now, there is a way that the traditional cupcake can be incorporated into the design of your wedding. Paper Orchid Stationery now sells amazing laser-cut cupcake wrappers. They offer a variety of designs, ranging from intricate filigree scrollwork to fluttering butterfly sillhoutes. Are you hosting a garden wedding? Their picket fence design can add yet another distinctive element to your theme.

Visit the Paper Orchid Stationery website to browse all of their wonderful options!

Amazing Photo Cake

Check out this incredible cake posted on Luna Photo’s blog. I love the pop of red from the roses against the classic black and white photographs. When it comes to wedding cakes, you can’t get much more personalized than this!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kelly & Giancarlo | August 16, 2008

Kelly and Giancarlo were married at Caramoor in Katonah, NY, a beautiful and historic music and arts center. I originally met with the couple last November and could see right away how well they balanced each other out. Kelly is a very sweet, laidback woman with simple, natural taste, while Giancarlo has more of an opulent style. The aesthetics of the wedding were very important to him, and it was refreshing to see a role reversal of the typical bride/groom dynamic we normally experience.

At the outdoor ceremony, guests gathered in Caramoor’s Sunken Garden where they were warmly greeted with a refreshment of lemongrass-infused lemonade and cucumber water.

Kelly and Giancarlo exchanged marriage vows amongst the natural beauty of Caramoor’s expertly manicured grounds, including two willow trees that were brought in by Michael George Hybrid for the occasion at Kelly’s request. Afterward, the couple greeted their guests along the Cedar Walk as they made their way to cocktail hour.

While guests enjoyed tasty hors d’ oeuvres, flutes of champagne, and orange-infused water, Kelly and Giancarlo posed for formal photos with their bridal party and parents. Caramoor’s wonderful variety of shaded nooks and crannies provided the perfect backdrop. Photographer Ken Lax did an amazing job of capturing the carefree and relaxed atmosphere of the wedding.

The tented reception was held in Caramoor’s Italian Pavilion, where guests were treated to a five-course seated luncheon prepared by Great Performances Catering, as well as signature lavender martinis.Gerard Carelli Orchestra orovided the soundtrack for this lovely event as guests enjoyed the festivities.
Kelly and Giancarlo’s centerpieces were truly the life of the party – monarch butterflies flitted amongst tree moss and branches in dainty glass enclosures, which were surrounded on all sides by square vases of green and white flowers. Later in the afternoon, the butterflies were released by guests in lieu of a traditional centerpiece giveaway.

Kelly & Giancarlo, it was a pleasure working with you for the past several months to plan your beautiful event. Enjoy your honeymoon in Hawaii and Sedona, and we wish you the best of luck in your new life together as husband and wife.
Additional wedding professionals included:
Officiant- Shauna Kanter

(Photos taken by Bliss Weddings)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fun Find: Porcelain Seahorses

Planning a beach-themed wedding? These porcelain seahorses from Ballard Designs would make a great accent to your reception décor. Scatter them amongst centerpieces, place them on cake tiers for a touch of whimsy, or tuck place cards beneath their curved tails. At just $5.00 apiece ($30.00 for a set of 6), these seahorses are a fun way to add style and charm to your event. Click here to order from Ballard Designs' website.

(photo source:

Friday, August 22, 2008

Striking Centerpiece

I discovered this beautiful centerpiece while perusing the blog of California-based Luna Photo. I love the contrast created by the soft colors and textures of the flowers against the dark, rustic feel of the branches – very “enchanted forest.”

Friday, August 15, 2008

Trendspotting: Pre-Ceremony Drinks

You may have noticed that signature cocktails have become an increasingly popular way to add an element of personalization to a wedding or special event. A favorite drink named after the bride and groom, or a perhaps a unique drink created solely to reflect the color palette of the event, this clever trend gives couples yet another way to express their creativity on their wedding day.

With the advent of this focus on wedding beverages, a new way to welcome guests to your celebration has emerged: many brides and grooms are now providing pre-ceremony drinks. This can be a great way to entertain guests as they’re waiting for the ceremony to begin and helps to set the tone for the festivities to come. Pre-ceremony drinks are more commonly served at outdoor ceremonies held in a garden, park, beach, or private property, and are especially refreshing during the hot summer months.

Below are some ideas to incorporate this emerging trend into your wedding plans.

A favorite among guests of all ages, lemonade is the perfect summer wedding beverage. Serving it with delicious fruit accents such as raspberry, strawberry, or pomegranate can go even further to highlight the details of your event.

(photo source: Verdi Photography)

(photo source:

Soda Bars
Allow your guests to create their own refreshing concoctions by setting up a beverage station featuring a variety of soft drinks and flavored syrups. Like a classic fountain soda shop, the sky is the limit. From Vanilla Coke to Cherry 7-Up, guests will love having these tasty options.

(photo source: unknown)

Hot Cider/Hot Cocoa
Perfect for a crisp autumn wedding day, these comforting drinks will hit the spot with guests as they gather to witness your marriage. For an added touch, embellish mugs of cider with whole cinnamon sticks, or garnish cocoa with marshamallows in the shape of your initials. Either way, these beverages will prepare your guests for a warm, intimate celebration.

(photo source: The Inn at Buck Hollow Farms)

(photo source: TweetSweet)

A traditional staple at Sunday brunches, these beverages are also a great option for a light pre-ceremony cocktail. Champagne is synonymous with celebration – why not add a splash of orange or pineapple juice to make it even more festive?

(photo source: Southern Fancy)

(photo source: unknown)


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Love, Honor, and Charity

There is so much going on in the world today. Stressing about finding the precise shade of blue for your bridesmaid dresses or the perfect cardstock for your invitations seems inconsequential when there are people in this world who are simply trying to survive, day-to-day. However, your beautiful event CAN make a difference. Below are just a few of the ways.
This website provides couples with an alternative to the traditional wedding gift registry. Instead of receiving yet another picture frame (that will probably stay in storage until Aunt Nelly visits), consider registering on This website will give your guests an opportunity to give you a gift in the form of a charitable donation to a worthy cause.

Donations in lieu of favors
Ah, the wedding favor. Intended as a token of thanks for wedding guests, it is an unfortunate reality that favors often end up sitting in some forgotten corner of guests’ living rooms, if they even make it out of the car at all. Make your wedding favor count! Select your favorite charitable organization (The ASPCA, World Vision, St. Jude’s Hospital for Children, etc.), one whose mission touches your heart. Gift your selected charity with a specified amount (to your discretion) on behalf of your wedding guests. Your friends and family will appreciate that your care and generosity have helped someone in need.
For many brides, the wedding gown holds a great deal of sentimental value. Some opt to keep it for future children. Others choose to have it cleaned and preserved so they can simply admire it whenever the mood strikes. However, if these ideas don’t suit you, there is something else you can do that will benefit someone in need. Donate your gown to and proceeds from the sale of your dress will enable Making Memories to grant final wishes to men and women suffering from terminal breast cancer.

However you feel compelled to give, just know that your support may mean the world to an individual in need. Why not celebrate your marriage by making a difference in the life of someone else?

"Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery"

Not so, unfortunately, when it comes in the form of plagiarism. We recently came face to face with one of the downsides of internet marketing when we discovered that two other companies who offer wedding consulting services – one in Illinois and one right here in Connecticut (actually, it's a florist who dabbles in wedding consulting) – have blatantly copied text from our website. Now, we can certainly understand visiting competitor websites to get an idea of how other wedding professionals are positioning their services in the marketplace, but these people didn’t even make an effort to change things up a bit. The verbiage was copied word for word directly from our site.

What makes matters worse is that this is a creative profession, one that requires out-of-the-box thinking. One of the offending companies even uses the word “Original” in her business name. I can’t think of anything original about taking someone else’s work without permission and claiming it as your own. We have contacted these companies to make them aware that plagiarism is a crime, and we encourage other business owners to run a search on your own websites to see who may have “borrowed” copyrighted material. You can visit to utilize this free service.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Inspiration Everywhere

Inspiration comes in so many forms. Many artists believe that a muse comes to them in a vision and provides them ideas for their latest masterpiece. The same can be true for you as you begin to plan your wedding. Inspiration lies everywhere, in everything. You simply need to open your eyes and be aware of it.

As with any other creative outlet, inspiration and imagination are crucial in determining the theme and style of your wedding. Your wedding day is a wonderful opportunity to really showcase your talents, personality and taste.

The inspiration for some weddings comes from pretty traditional places. Some couples opt to use the traditional colors of a particular season (my own wedding was a festival of autumn colors, including bright oranges, deep reds and chocolate browns). However, the interpretation and translation of these more traditional ideas can vary from one couple to the next. Even an idea that seems conventional can be altered to make it into something that has not been seen in any event.

The wonderful thing about designing your wedding is that there are no rules! Anything can serve as inspiration. Anything can be a springboard for a completely different, yet beautiful, event design.

Take a moment to visit your local fabric store. The variety and selection of fabrics ranges from the simply neutral to incredibly whimsical. Look at the colors contained within the fabrics, as well as the print. There is inspiration to be had there. A traditional black and white toile can arouse ideas of French country touches for your event. A fabric of rich amber tones could determine the main color of your entire event.

This kind of inspiration can also be found as quickly as a trip to your own clothes closet. The Style Network airs a home décor show called Dress My Nest. Home style guru Thom Filicia asks show participants for an article of clothing to help serve as the inspiration for the room design. Open the doors to your closet. Are there certain pieces that you love to wear together simply because of the color and texture combination? How can that translate to your event?

You probably noticed when you went to register that there are now hundreds of options regarding china. Gone are the days where simple white china with a platinum rim was the only option. Today’s modern brides and grooms prefer china patterns that are reflective of their personal style. Browse the housewares section the next time you are shopping. Which patterns catch your eye? How could you incorporate the colors or pattern of that dish into your event? A retro-inspired pasta bowl of whimsical polka dots can turn into a wedding cake mimicking that design. A bread & butter dish with a floral motif can translate into an event where flowers are the focal point.

Home Décor
Do you have a favorite room in your house? Is there a room that you always feel comfortable in? A room whose colors just seem to blend together to create a unique yet comforting atmosphere? Really take a moment one day to examine the décor in your house. It might be the combination of a wall color and your furniture. It might be the colors from a tiled backsplash in your kitchen. Any of these items can form a unique, interesting, and best of all, personalized wedding color scheme.

Fine Art
Is there a painting that you love? Which pieces catch your eye while you’re visiting a museum or admiring the artwork on a friend’s walls? A lot of the Impressionists are a great source for colors and shapes if you are looking for a more muted, natural style. Pop art like that of Andy Warhol is an excellent origin for those trying to achieve a more bold and contemporary look. Whatever type of art you are drawn to can be used to create a design for your event.

There are so many beautiful colors and shapes found in nature. Whether it is a plant, a flower, or simply the subtle shades of color found within the sky, there are countless ideas to be extracted from the beauty all around us. A peacock feather can result in a color palette of deep blues and rich purples. Willow branches can be used to create a natural and beautiful arch for the ceremony.

When I get inspired, the source is usually something outside the wedding “realm”. I am constantly keeping an eye out for things I find beautiful and unique. These everyday visions plant seeds of idea that will eventually result in an event design.

Bliss Weddings will start to post “Inspiration Storyboards” on this blog. This practice is used by most event designers to work through a style concept for a bride and groom. You will notice that these storyboards will include items that aren’t traditionally associated with weddings. These unconventional items were the original pieces that got me thinking about that particular concept. I build on that concept with different items that reflect that theme or feeling. In the end, that concept becomes a design, and gives you a more concrete idea of what that event would look like.

The particular storyboard featured below was created after seeing a beautiful blue Wedgewood vase in a storefront window while on vacation in the Caribbean (a photo of the item appears on the storyboard, in the upper right-hand corner). The contrast of the colors and the texture of the bas relief accents serve as the motivation for the event concept that is captured by this storyboard. Inspiration storyboards will be posted regularly on this blog, so continue to visit us for more ideas and suggestions.

Stay inspired!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Snazzy Boutonniere

A few years back, when blogs were becoming the next big thing on the internet, I began bookmarking and regularly visiting the blogs of several talented wedding photographers across the country. While this practice was born of my love for looking at wedding photos, it has also become a great source of ideas and inspiration as well as an effective way to stay abreast of trends in the wedding industry.

I was recently browsing the blog of Be Creative Photography in Wyckoff, NJ and this photo of a very cool boutonniere caught my eye. I love how the flower looks like a cluster of tiny cocktail umbrellas. If anyone out there knows the name of it, please post a comment and let us know what it is.

You can click here to read the post about this wedding on Be Creative Photography's blog.