Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Color of Ideas

I have never made it a secret that one of my favorite things in world is color. I enjoy finding new and different color combinations. I look to my surroundings to constantly discover color schemes that are complimentary and unique.

Pantone® is the world leader in the “color industry”. It is the most widely used standard for colors in print, paint and manufacturing. Their Color Think Tank identifies new colors and continually creates new and interesting color palettes.

(source: Wikimedia Commons)

Pantone® can be a great resource in determining your event color scheme. Their website provides information on fashion’s up-and-coming color trends and the latest color inventions. Take a moment to browse through their site and you will see colors working together that you would have never thought to combine. The concept that any colors can compliment each other given the correct shade and value is one that will remove the limit from the combinations you can use for your color design. It can be very inspiring to put away the traditional rules you have always adhered to regarding color.

A lot of color combinations have been “done to death” for weddings. Take a chance and ensure that your event is truly one of a kind!

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