Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Love, Honor, and Charity

There is so much going on in the world today. Stressing about finding the precise shade of blue for your bridesmaid dresses or the perfect cardstock for your invitations seems inconsequential when there are people in this world who are simply trying to survive, day-to-day. However, your beautiful event CAN make a difference. Below are just a few of the ways.
This website provides couples with an alternative to the traditional wedding gift registry. Instead of receiving yet another picture frame (that will probably stay in storage until Aunt Nelly visits), consider registering on This website will give your guests an opportunity to give you a gift in the form of a charitable donation to a worthy cause.

Donations in lieu of favors
Ah, the wedding favor. Intended as a token of thanks for wedding guests, it is an unfortunate reality that favors often end up sitting in some forgotten corner of guests’ living rooms, if they even make it out of the car at all. Make your wedding favor count! Select your favorite charitable organization (The ASPCA, World Vision, St. Jude’s Hospital for Children, etc.), one whose mission touches your heart. Gift your selected charity with a specified amount (to your discretion) on behalf of your wedding guests. Your friends and family will appreciate that your care and generosity have helped someone in need.
For many brides, the wedding gown holds a great deal of sentimental value. Some opt to keep it for future children. Others choose to have it cleaned and preserved so they can simply admire it whenever the mood strikes. However, if these ideas don’t suit you, there is something else you can do that will benefit someone in need. Donate your gown to and proceeds from the sale of your dress will enable Making Memories to grant final wishes to men and women suffering from terminal breast cancer.

However you feel compelled to give, just know that your support may mean the world to an individual in need. Why not celebrate your marriage by making a difference in the life of someone else?

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