Thursday, December 18, 2008

Trimming the Tree With Memories

It’s that time of year again, where you take that dusty box down from the attic and begin to unwrap the ornaments you’ve collected throughout the years. It is always so much fun to go through each ornament and reminisce about a time it represents.

As we were trimming our tree last week, I came across one particular ornament. Jay and I received it as a favor at the wedding of two dear friends approximately six years ago. It is very simple… royal blue velvet adorned with matte gold roping. It reflected the color scheme of their Christmas wedding. Every time I lift this item out of the ornament box, I am briefly brought back to that night. How in love the couple was, the details of their event, the warmth of the ceremony that was held in a church beautifully decorated for the holiday season.

As wedding planners, we are forever in the search of that elusive favor that will not end up as some long-forgotten knick knack in the back of a closet. Guests appreciate the sentiment- but these days, it’s difficult to adequately display every gift received at the weddings they’ve attended throughout the years. However, I believe that an ornament is the perfect solution to this!

Every year, as your guests decorate their own family’s Christmas trees, they will stumble upon your favor. For a moment, they will cherish the memories of watching as you and your fiancé were united as husband and wife. They will remember the details of your décor, how happy you looked that day, the fun they had dancing in the arms of their significant other.

There are many options for how to capture the essence of this most special day in an ornament. It can be something as specific as an ornament engraved with your names and wedding date.

[photo credit: The Stationery Studio]
It can also be as simple as having the ornament reflect your event themes/color scheme as my friends chose.

[photo credit: Beaucoup]

[photo credit: Lenox]
It can display the ceremony location as in this ornament (*fun fact: the white building displayed in this ornament is where our very own Jessica was married):

[photo credit The Gift Cottage]

You can even have the ornament favor double as a placecard holder- and your guests can replace the seating information with their favorite photo taken on your wedding day!

[photo credit: Wedding Style]

[photo credit: Favor Ideas]

However you decide to commemorate your event, your guests will enjoy the memory of your wedding every year as they hang your ornament favor on the branches of their family Christmas tree.

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