Sunday, January 11, 2009

Breaking the Ice

I was recently assisting a client who was interested in having an intimate and fun reception, where the guests all enjoyed each other’s company. We discussed the possibility of providing some conversation starters. Fun facts and trivia questions would create the atmosphere of friendship and casual entertainment that this bride was envisioning for her reception. Guests would get to know each other as they enjoyed some interesting pieces of information and sharing their answers to some fun questions.

In my searches for a way to do this, I came across this little gem on the Pottery Barn website. Small cards elegantly printed with interesting tidbits and questions are nestled in a clear Lucite box and can be placed on each table for your guest's enjoyment. The simple and unassuming vessel will not compete with your table décor and the lively debates that occur as a result will lend a comfortable ambiance to your event.

This idea can be recreated on your own by printing up some of your own trivia on cardstock . Personalize it even further by asking questions and incorporating facts about topics and hobbies that you and your fiancé enjoy.

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