Saturday, January 24, 2009

These Shoes Were Made For Walking... Down The Aisle

Brides and grooms are having more fun with their wedding day footwear these days. Flip-flops, glittery sneakers, and delicate Asian slippers are making their debut under beautiful wedding gowns all over the world. Shoes have joined the group of wedding details that couples are choosing to personalize.

My brother-in-law Ben is getting married later this year. He and his fiancee, Katie, can always be found wearing Converse sneakers. So, the obvious decision was to have their entire wedding party wear Converse to the event (although, if you know my husband... it's going to be pretty interesting to see him in a pair of Chuck Taylors!). As most of you know, I absolutely love anything that can be customized... so I was excited by what I discovered on the Converse website.

Converse now offers a tool on their website that allows you to design your own sneaker. The potential combinations are endless! You can select different outside, lining, tongue, stitch and lace colors. Create a pair of Converse to perfectly reflect the colors you have selected for your event decor! There is even an option to have text printed directly on the shoe. This would be a great place to place your wedding date, your new last name, or your combined initials.

Even if you are planning an event that is a little too formal for casual footwear, you can always purchase a pair to wear as you get ready the day of the wedding or to bring on your honeymoon.

Personally, I've never worn a pair of Converse, but I am DYING to design my own pair. Here is what my design would look like. The colors were inspired by my own autumn wedding.

Take a moment to browse the website and have fun playing with all the possibilities!

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