Saturday, January 3, 2009

Wrapping Up Your Event

As the holidays wrap up, I had a moment to look around my living room. It is, quite frankly, a disaster. The evidence that Christmas came and went is surrounding me. Extra bows, half used rolls of tape, and tons of wrapping paper scraps… EVERYWHERE!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I absolutely love wrapping paper. I take my gift wrap decisions VERY seriously. In looking at the various rolls of paper I selected, I was thinking about how much I absolutely loved my selection. And of course, the wedding planner in me thought about how the design could be used in reception d├ęcor.

This reminded me of an article I had seen not too long ago regarding how a length of wrapping paper can be used in lieu of a table runner. There are so many options available now. There are manufacturers that make high quality, gorgeous designs that would be the perfect accent to a tablescape. In fact, a beautiful piece of paper could be the jumping board for the style of your entire event.


There are just a few suggestions if you decide to use this idea:

If you select a runner with a lot of design elements, pick table covers and centerpieces that are very simple, as not to compete with the runner.

Make sure that the paper you select is thick and high quality.

Ensure that the paper doesn’t curl up on the ends by laying the paper out flat prior putting on the tables. You can even weigh the ends down by taping thing metal washers to the underside.

You can add another element by using a wide patterned paper and putting a more narrow solid paper on top. The inverse can also be very eye catching.

Many retailers offer a selection of papers that are complimentary and are meant to be used together. It’s a good idea to take a look at these. Contrasting yet complimentary will really create an interesting table.

Below are some wrapping paper designs that I think would look wonderful at an event.

(source: Papyrus)

(source: Paper Mart)

(source: Paper Mart)

(source: Superior Gift Wrap)

(source: Paper Mart)