Monday, April 13, 2009


As odd as this sounds, one of my favorite parts of wedding planning was selecting the gift for my maid-of-honor... my younger sister and best friend- Lindsey. It was important to me that I find something very meaningful and beautiful for this person that would stand by my side as I said "I do". I decided on presenting her with a charm bracelet. I spent HOURS browsing through charms that related to our lives together.

Here are just a few examples of the simple symbols that had incredible meaning for these two sisters:

Witch charm - For the time we went to Salem, Massachussetts with our father.

Tooth charm- For when I lost my first baby tooth due to an ill-fated bed jumping session with Lindsey

Teddy bear charm- For my favorite teddy bear that Lindsey wrote on with permanent marker because she was jealous I got a paper fan at a friend's birthday party

Check out some of these great websites for beautiful charm bracelets! Any of your bridal party members would be honored to receive such a thoughtful gift.

photo sources:
Bracelet~ First Treasures
Witch charm~ Just Nan
Tooth charm~ Charm Factory
Teddy bear charm~ Marty Magic

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