Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Grooming the Groom

Recently I have noticed that men are becoming nostalgic in their shaving rituals. Gone are the days of cheap plastic Bic razors and cans of Barbasol shaving cream. These implements are being replaced by expensive straight razors and badger hair brushes. My husband has recently become appreciative of the close shave only these tools can provide.

Why not use this growing trend as a way to give your groom and his groomsmen their equivalent of the bridal party pedicure/manicure outing? Not only will it relax them for the events of the day, but it will ensure that they arrive to the wedding fresh faced and nicely groomed (pun intended). Forget golfing or an outing to a local bar--- send them to The Art of Shaving in New York City!

The Art of Shaving is a salon that provides spa services and products geared toward men looking for the ultimate in shaving experiences. Owners Myriam and Eric have perfected their shaving system and The Art of Shaving’s high-end products can be found in department stores and in their 17 locations nationwide.

We women tend to think that we are the only ones who truly appreciate being pampered. Men are starting to realize just how valuable these services are. Treat your fiancé and his best friends to this wonderful experience.

How did your husband spend the days prior to your wedding? What other activities would you suggest for a groom and his wedding party prepping for the big day? Comment for a cause!

[Photo source: The Art of Shaving]

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Rebecca said...

Great idea, Elizabeth. Art of Shaving is a very nice place, and the shaving tools/sets also make a nice wedding party gift for the groomsmen.