Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stand Your Ground with SoleMates

After last week’s blizzard, it was so wonderful to wake up this past weekend to the sun shining and the sound of melting snow trickling down the rain gutters. That first hint of mild weather after a long and frigid Connecticut winter never fails to put a spring in everyone’s step (pun intended). The grass-covered ground was a welcome sight after so many months of snow cover, though I quickly realized that it wasn’t much of a ground at all, but rather a soggy swamp. As I trudged through the slippery mud pit that is my backyard to refill our bird feeders, I was reminded of a nifty little product called SoleMates.

SoleMates are a simple, yet ingenious device that prevents pointy heels from sinking into the soft earth. If I was having trouble in my sneakers, I can only imagine how last weekend’s brides and bridesmaids fared in their stilettos. The recent weather patterns clearly illustrate just how fickle Mother Nature can be, and her unpredictability is not limited to the winter season. Pick up a pair of SoleMates to ensure that you stay above ground on your spring, summer, fall, or winter wedding day.

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