Monday, March 23, 2009

Vendors Unveiled: Celebrant Shauna Kanter

We had the distinct pleasure of working with our next Vendor Unveiled at Kelly & Giancarlo's August 2008 wedding. She was an amazing find- an officiant with heart and personality... who was most concerned with the happiness of the couple.

Name: Shauna Kanter


Where are you located, and what geographical area(s) do you service?
I serve New York City, Westchester, the Hudson Valley, Connecticut, New Jersey, Vermont and Western Mass.

How long have you been in business?
2 years

What drew you to wedding officiating as a profession?
My own marriage in Bristol, England was a collaboration between cultures across thousands of miles. Because we wanted to express who we are and how we came to be a couple and at the time (in 1995) in England this kind of thing was unheard of. We had to create a one of a kind wedding and in doing so, I came to appreciate how important and precious this life changing ceremony is for a couple and the couple's family and friends. And the ceremony that was created and the celebration afterwards really blew me away and I have cherished every moment of it to this day.

What do you feel sets you apart as a wedding officiant?
I bring more than thirty years of experience offering a unique convergence of skills. I have received my degree in Marriage Ceremony from the Celebrant Foundation and Institute. I am a published writer, university professor and theatre director. As a Celebrant I am a co – creator, resource person, encourager, and Legal Wedding Officiant. I create unique ceremonies, not one-size-fits-all-city-hall-ceremonies.

With each wedding that I write, I draw upon my writing skills to crystallize the story, feelings and beliefs of each bride and groom. My organizational skills as a theatre director combine with my teaching skills to create an atmosphere of compassion. My vocal skills merge to beautifully express the hearts of each couple that I marry, whether we are in front of three or three hundred guests.

What do you love most about your job?
Being there for couples as they walk through this very extraordinary journey called marriage and the grand adventure to follow.

If you had to describe yourself in one word, what would it be?


Celebrants Online said...

hi Elizabeth

it's wonderful to read of a Celebrant who is so enthusiastic & joyful about the service she offers her couples, and who has such a variety of skills so perfectly suited to preparing & conducting the couple's dream ceremony.

I've enjoyed reading your posts. You're offering some great advice to your visitors.

If any of your visitors are planning an Australian wedding, they'll find many Celebrants who are as enthusiastic and capable as Shauna by visiting the Celebrants Online website.


Elizabeth said...

Hi Penelope,
Thank you so much for commenting on our blog. I'm glad to hear you're a reader!

Shauna really is a very special person and it is inspiring how much she truly enjoys being the celebrant for a couple's wedding day.

Thank you for providing your website. I hope to have the opportunity to work in Australia someday!