Friday, March 27, 2009


I was recently thumbing through my weekly fix of trashy, celebrity gossip (in the form of OK! Magazine) and came across something that I figured I would remind our readers of.

I found the miracle that is SPANX during the planning of my own wedding. I am a “solid” girl (yeah, that sounds MUCH better) and I wanted to look as toned and tight as possible for my wedding day. I don’t have will power to do those crazy things like dieting and exercising- so I turned to this underwear! SPANX by Sara Blakely is a collection of various undergarments that tighten all the right areas. They have become an absolute Godsend for brides and bridesmaids over the past few years.

I personally highly recommend their Body Shapers line. Versions offered range from a simple panty to an entire body suit. They are a much more comfortable version of the old-school corsets… except you don’t need a handmaiden to squeeze and tie you into them (and you avoid that whole pesky broken rib issue). Wear the Body Shapers under your everyday clothes and you'll feel sexy even in jeans and a t-shirt!

Sara Blakely recently created a new version of her SPANX line called ASSETS, that can be found at Target stores nationwide. As with SPANX, they carry an assortment of undergarments that will simply tighten everything up. The best part of her ASSETS line... a portion of each purchase goes towards The Sara Blakely Foundation. This organization works to empower women around the globe to provide them with the same opportunities we are blessed with here in America. The Sara Blakely Foundation works to give scholarships to underprivileged South African women and provides education on the HIV-AIDS epidemic.

Feel good about yourself- both outside AND inside… and purchase your SPANX or ASSETS item today!

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